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Bingo is a member of The Banana Splits. He was portrayed by Terence H. Winkless and voiced by Daws Butler on the 1969 show, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. In the 2008 revival, he was portrayed by Casey Hadfield and voiced by Frank Welker. In The Banana Splits Movie, he was voiced by Eric Bauza.

About Bingo

He is a gorilla[1] who plays the drums, often sings, and is a simple, good-natured fellow. He doesn't realize his great physical strength and is forever breaking things. In The Banana Splits in Hocus-Pocus Park, it is stated that he is the biggest of the Splits. Bingo is usually assigned all the heavy tasks, but he invariably manages to smash everything he attempts to clean or move. He's a great drummer, though, and would do practically anything to help a friend.



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