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Cuckoo is a character in The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. He was voiced by Paul Winchell.

About Cuckoo

Cuckoo is the bird that comes out of a cuckoo clock in the Banana Splits Clubhouse. Whenever Fleegle asks "What time is it, Cuckoo?" the entire front side of the clock opens up like a door, causing Cuckoo's head to spring out and give some joke or snarky reply.

Cuckoo seemed to be worked by mechanical methods, given the smoothness of how he sprang in and out of his clock. He could also spin his head wildly when he got excited. The 2008 Banana Splits reboot, however used a new Cuckoo, which operated like a standard hand puppet and was retconned into a female.

Cuckoo, Goofy Gopher, and Banana Vac, were never used in Gold Key Comics' published adaptation of the show, because the stories took place with the Banana Splits on the road, rather than staying at the Clubhouse.

In the coloring books, Cuckoo was depicted as a full-bodied wooden mechanical bird, rather than the feathered version on the show. Given the coloring books were based on the Splits' original pre-production designs, this might have been Cuckoo's originally intended form as well.

What Time Is It, Cuckoo?

  • "It's time to get this clock fixed! I'm coming all unglued!
  • "It's 13 o'clock."
    "That's silly!"
    "Well, what do you expect from a cuckoo clock?"
  • "It's either twenty-five minutes past five, or five minutes past twenty-five."
  • "It must be time for lunch. I'm starving!"
  • "I don't know. My watch stopped."
  • "How would I know? I'm cuckoo!"
  • "Don't ask me. I'm on my vacation."
  • "I don't know. My watch is ten minutes fast."
  • "It's a quarter to fifty cents!"
  • "It's tea time! One lump or four?"
  • "It's 10:27, except February, which has only 28!"
  • "It's half-past Friday, and if you believe that, YOU'RE cuckoo!"
  • "Eight bells and all's well!"