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Drooper is a member of The Banana Splits who appeared in The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. He was portrayed by Dan Winkless and voiced by Allan Melvin. In the 2008 revival, he was portrayed by Adam Grubner and voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. In The Banana Splits Movie, he was voiced by Eric Bauza.

About Drooper

Drooper is a lion who plays the bass and often sings. He delights in fast-talking the others, especially Bingo, knowing that it confuses the big fellow. He is the ultra-hip hippie of the Splits who is always on, always cool, and always trying to con someone. Drooper is the group prankster and makes certain that Bingo and Snorky receive the blame when one of his tricks backfires. Most of Drooper's life is devoted to devising diabolical schemes to shift his share of work in the pad to Bingo and Snorky. He claims this allows more time for his philosophical endeavors, being the “brains” (self-proclaimed) of the group. However, it was stated in the show that Drooper is not the brightest of the bunch, as he does not know how to read and write.


  • In the movie, Drooper's eyes are wide open and his nose also has nostrils.