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Fleegle is the leader of The Banana Splits. He was portrayed by Jeff Winkless and voiced by Paul Winchell in the 1969 show, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. In the 2008 revival, he was portrayed by Ginner Whitcombe and voiced by Bill Farmer. In The Banana Splits Movie, he was voiced by Eric Bauza.

About Fleegle

Fleegle is a beagle who plays the guitar and often sings too. He does magic tricks, and he is the spokesman for the group. Cool, authoritative, and usually in control of every situation, Fleegle is always slightly frustrated by the behavior of the others. Although he's a born leader and organizer, Fleegle is not as bright as he thinks. Off-stage, he considers himself a present-day Don Juan, which sometimes proves to be quite amusing. As the leader of the Banana Splits Club, he chairs their meetings, frequently standing behind a podium and wielding a large gavel to maintain order, often being "hoist by its petard" and going "Ooch!" to feign injury. He is the only character of the group who doesn’t wear sunglasses. Fleegle never learns that The Sour Grapes Bunch will never reform. This has led to lots of injury, such as being shot in the butt with an arrow.