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Snorky is a member of The Banana Splits. In the 1969 show, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, in the song segments he was portrayed by James Dove, and in most other segments he was portrayed by Robert Towers. Since he never spoke, he never had a voice actor, and instead can only communicate with honking sounds.

About Snorky

He is an elephant who plays the keyboard. He is always late, seldom does anything right, and gets blamed for absolutely everything, even when he's innocent. Bingo is protective of the little guy, but he can never stop Snorky from accepting a dare, which Snorky will always do. In any event, Snorky remains dauntless in spite of his constant misfortunes.

Snorky appears with the other Splits in The Banana Splits Movie. Unlike the other Splits, however, he's not evil.